Mij Story

Mij……………………….’Ure a top dog!!

My name is Mij and I was born in Spain. I didn’t have a home to begin with. I lived with 13 brothers and sisters and my Mother in a traveller settlement near Seville. Some of the people there were bad to my mum, and so a nice lady called Linda came and took us all away on New Year’s Day. I was one day old.

Me as a Pup! Just as I travelled to Scotland.

I lived with Linda and all my brothers and sisters and mum plus lots of other Spanish dogs for four months. We lived in somewhere called Benidorm. It was very hot and I really liked to sunbathe. Sometimes other dogs ate my food though, and this made me sad. One day, I got taken for a walk with Linda and a nice Scottish lady. This lady turned out to be my human Mummy.

When I was 4 months old, I was allowed to travel, so I got a little bed in a van with some other dogs and embarked on a really long journey. We drove through Spain, France, England and finally got to the north east of Scotland at 11pm on a rainy Tuesday night. I was greeted by my Scottish mum, Jen who was crying because she was so happy to see me! From then on, I adapted well to the cooler Scottish climates, although to begin with I wouldn’t go for walks if it was raining!

"I’ve heard of Pigs in Blankets, more like Hot Dog!"

I made loads of friends and made my new Mum so happy and proud. I got to live at one of the most prestigious Scottish Boarding Schools, which was an extremely different world to where I started out. The children loved me and I got lots of cuddles. This year, we moved to another lovely boarding school, this time in England. I am told the weather will be warmer here so I’m very happy about that.

All in all, I’m a very happy and a lucky little man and now I’ve been introduced to Ricky Pet Product Treats!  I’m in heaven!

More Ricky Pet Products on its way! Yaaaaayyyy!